cover image The Cozy Book

The Cozy Book

Mary Ann Hoberman, Betty Fraser. Browndeer Press, $16 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-15-276620-7

Skillfully constructed rhymes and tender, tidily detailed watercolors point out to children all the ``cozy doings'' of ``a very cozy day,'' from the time ``you wake up bright and early/ In your roasty toasty bed'' all the way to bedtime. Hoberman names cozy things to eat, cozy smells and sounds (``The gurgle that a gargle makes/ The giggle when a tickle takes''), cozy words (``Pachysandra/ Sarsaparilla/ Tusk and smug and fog/ Galoshes''), etc. Fraser, who teamed with Hoberman for A House Is a House for Me, illustrates specific entries on Hoberman's list and also sets whole scenes that embrace a number of ``cozy'' activities. Her world is a bright one-characters are inevitably rosy-cheeked, their clothes festively patterned, their houses and schoolrooms and playgrounds definitely lived-in. Despite some precious phrases, the message here is thoroughly childhood-affirming. A good choice for lap-time sharing. Ages 4-7. (Oct.)