cover image Room For Hope

Room For Hope

Kim Vogel Sawyer. Waterbrook, $14.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-307-73137-1

Proud owners of the town's general store, Warren and Neva Shilling along with their two children, Bud and Belle, live luxuriously in Buffalo Creek, Kans. despite the country's financial troubles of the 1930s. Warren's frequent weeks away from home while on business keep his family busy with the store and eagerly awaiting his arrival. Then Neva's life is dramatically turned upside down one day with the arrival of Warren's secret family: three young children, a wagon load of furniture, and heartbreaking news delivered by Jesse Caudel, the new sheriff of Buffalo Creek. Although Neva keeps Warren's horrible secret to herself, the sheriff discovers the truth about the children. Neva realizes that the secret cannot remain hidden, and knows she cannot protect her children from hurt or her heart from shame. When sales at the store begin to fall, Neva fears there is no hope, but the unexpected friendship of an overly ambitious furniture salesman helps her heart to mend, and allows Neva to trust again. The message that love is greater than wealth is sewn through every seam of this charming story. (Feb.)