cover image From This Moment

From This Moment

Kim Vogel Sawyer. WaterBrook, $16 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-525-65368-4

Sawyer (When Mercy Rains) returns with a pleasing contemporary romance about the search for the owner of a lost ring. After Jase Edgar’s fiancée dies in a car accident, Jase leaves San Antonio, Tex., to become youth pastor at Beech Street Bible Fellowship in tiny Bradleyville, Kans. There, he meets Kenzie Stetler, a congregant who grew up Amish, and Lori Fowler, a custodian for the church. Each of the three struggles with private turmoil: Jase with his faith in a God who would take the love of his life, Kenzie with her desire to share God’s grace with a family who has shunned her for leaving, and Lori with overeating problems and issues of self-worth. After a lost engagement ring is found among church donations, the three work together to find the owner and, as they grow closer, help one another to overcome self-doubt. When romance sparks between Lori and Jase, both will have to let go of fears in order to accept happiness. Sawyer packs this entertaining tale with many twists and leaves the door open for more tales set in Bradleyville. The author’s fans will love this. (Feb.)