cover image God Believes in Love: 
Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

Gene Robinson. Knopf, $24 (208p) ISBN 978-0-307-95788-7

Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, refutes the arguments against same-sex marriage in a straightforward and simple but never condescending manner. Each of the 10 chapters answers one question, covering topics such as why heterosexuals should care about gay marriage, biblical teachings on homosexuality, the definition of marriage, and the claim children need two opposite-sex parents. These answers are designed for believing, religious individuals who may be undecided on the issue. Robinson’s mix of reasoned logic, personal experiences, church teachings, and social science research may not convince the most ardent opponents, but it will provide proponents convenient, compact ways of addressing challenges. Each chapter stands independently, thus allowing readers to choose topics of most importance to them, but also leading to some repetition. Some answers also arrive more obliquely than others, answering both the main question and a related but unstated objection. The underlying tone is one of compassion and genuine hope for meaningful shift toward acceptance of same-sex unions. Robinson’ s case is not radical but rather gentle with moments of humor. Such an approach seeks to defuse the debate and provide readers a solid entrance into the LGBT-affirming worldview of liberal Protestantism. Agent: Doug Abrams. (Sept.)