cover image An Amish Christmas Bakery

An Amish Christmas Bakery

Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin. Zondervan, $15.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-3103-5280-8

Four bestselling writers of Amish fiction offer sweet, romantic Christmas novellas. In Clipston’s “Cookies and Cheer,” Alyssa Byler’s window display made of Christmas cookies leads to a business boom at her bakery. But as the season approaches, Alyssa struggles to balance work, Christmas preparations, and a newfound love. In Wiseman’s “Loaves of Love,” Katie Swartzentruber is at the center of a love triangle. She’s always cared for Henry Lambright, even though they have never dated. Henry is going to ask her out, but discovers she’s already dating someone else. However, when Henry starts dating someone else, Katie wonders if she’s missed an opportunity. Kathleen Fuller throws two sworn enemies together in “Melting Hearts,” in which Mattie Shetler comes to help at Yoder’s Bakery during the Christmas rush, where Peter Kaufmann is at work building an addition to the bakery. Peter cheated on Mattie’s best friend and the two despise each other. But working together forces them to question their opinions of each other. A 30-year-old neurodivergent man is at the center of Irvin’s “Cake and Kisses.” Ambrose Hershberger believes he’ll never be smart enough to be a husband or father. When Martha Ropp helps him after he is targeted by bullies and begins tutoring him, he struggles with his feelings, believing she could never love him. For fans of the authors, these compact, heartwarming romances will make for a nice holiday treat. (Oct.)