cover image Listening to Love

Listening to Love

Beth Wiseman. Zondervan, $15.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-0-52911-8714

In this enjoyable second installment to the Amish Journeys series (following Hearts in Harmony), Wiseman expands on the story of the Shetler family. Englischer Natalie Collins and Lucas Shetler, whose family is Old Order Amish, convince themselves that they are just friends. Everyone else in their small Indiana town believes a dangerous emotional attachment is developing. Natalie is studying to become a veterinarian, and Lucas believes there is nothing he wouldn’t give up for Natalie, and, since he has not been baptized, he will not be shunned if he leaves the Amish faith. But can he really adjust to the Englisch world after a lifetime in his ultra-conservative Amish sect? While Natalie’s mother at first disapproves of her relationship with Lucas, her views shift when she becomes acquainted with an Amish neighbor. As Lucas wavers on leaving the community and Natalie considers what it would be like to join the Amish (which would require giving up her studies), they must decide if their relationship can withstand an all or nothing decision for one of them. Wiseman is at her best in this surprising tale of love and faith. Agent: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Agency. (Sept.)