cover image Field of Peace

Field of Peace

Joyce Meyer, illus. by Mary Sullivan. Zonderkidz, $15.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-310-72318-9

Meyer's second Every Day Zoo book, following Every Which Way to Pray, addresses themes of competition, honesty, and friendship. The Wilds baseball team is on a winning streak, thanks to giraffe pitcher Boyd's "Crazy Ball" and spirited drive, which his teammates, especially Arnold, an armadillo, admire. Boyd's goal of the championship trophy seems in reach until Arnold develops a fear of the ball. Choosing winning over friendship, Boyd takes advantage of an opportunity to exclude Arnold from the championship game. Sullivan's comical illustrations portray both action and emotion: for example, one half-spread shows two images of Arnold holding up his glove, saying "I got it," while a third shows him balled in his protective shell, ball and glove beside him. Another amusing scene shows a scared skunk spraying the field, necessitating a sudden change of venue; ensuing pictures depict animals with clothespins on their noses. Boyd's choice leads to guilt ("his insides were zig-zagging more than his crazy ball") and confession: "I feel ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AWFUL!" This accessible tale offers guidance about attaining inner peace through actions that please God. Ages 4%E2%80%937. (Sept.)