cover image The Heat of Lies

The Heat of Lies

Jonathan Stone / Author Thomas Dunne Books $23.95 (320p) ISBN

A stunning sequel follows a brilliant debut, The Cold Truth (1999), in which the pairing of the gruff, massive Sheriff Winston ""Bear"" Edwards and beautiful, bright young cop Julian Palmer left both officers forever changed. In that first encounter, Edwards was Palmer's unwilling mentor. Five years later, the situation is radically changed as Edwards, who has recently beaten a murder rap, shows up in Troy, N.Y., where Palmer is immersed in a tricky case that echoes the long-ago murder of her own father. It is possible that Edwards will destroy Palmer. It is possible that Palmer will destroy Edwards. It is possible that Edwards will save Palmer. It is unlikely anyone can save Edwards. Meanwhile, the murder of Francis Xerxes Ryan, father of two girls, husband, breadwinnerDshot twice in the back of the head in his own homeDthreatens to go unsolved. At great personal and professional risk, Palmer seeks to use Edwards's unique skills. Stone's layered word portraits are vibrant and compelling; coupled with his kaleidoscopic vision, they make each new perspective seem as fresh and as real as the last. The result is dizzying, dazzling, delightful. Stone belongs with the elite of current mystery writers; he should not be missed. (Jan. 17) Forecast: As satisfying as this novel is, its full measure cannot be taken without first reading The Cold Truth, which is now available in paperback and contains an excerpt from this sequel that ought to boost sales.