cover image The Wicked: A Vampire Huntress Legend

The Wicked: A Vampire Huntress Legend

L. A. Banks, . . St. Martin's Griffin, $14.95 (404pp) ISBN 978-0-312-35236-3

Banks's sizzling eighth Vampire Huntress Legend (after The Forsaken ) explodes with the wrath of Cain, who burns with obsessive passion for the Neteru vampire huntress, Damali, and hatred for her new husband, Carlos Rivera. Completely turned to the dark side, Cain takes his father's throne in Hell, recalls the evil master vampire, Fallon Nuit, from the Sea of Perpetual Agony and pursues the amorous newlyweds. Cain's mother, Eve, is so devastated by her son's evil transformation that all humanity's fecundity is adversely affected. Nuit starts assembling a thoroughly nasty new army and messes with Damali and Carlos while the ancient Council of Neteru Kings and Queens readies for war and Armageddon. In her inimitable combination of street and baroque language, Banks offers more dramatic sex, action-packed good vs. evil adventure and multicultural mythology to reinforce ethical lessons. (Feb.)