cover image The Cursed: A Vampire Huntress Legend

The Cursed: A Vampire Huntress Legend

L. A. Banks, . . St. Martin's Griffin, $14.95 (491pp) ISBN 978-0-312-35237-0

In Banks's sexy ninth Vampire Huntress novel (after The Wicked ), the first seal has been broken and Armageddon has begun. Lilith and her husband, the Unnamed One, are caught unawares while awaiting the birth of their angel-hybrid heir. Installed as Vampire Council chairwoman, Lilith calls on vampires, witches and warlocks (including Machiavelli, Jezebel, Genghis Khan and Medusa) to combat the forces of the Covenant, the Guardians, the Neterus and both Neteru Councils. She attacks her enemies Damali and Carlos Rivera where it hurts the most: their libidos. Soon the battle involves a Valkyrie, the Ark of the Covenant and bootleg music downloads. This “end of days” scenario is a wild amalgam of Christianity, vampire lore, world myth, functional morality, street philosophy and hot sex. Three double-page line drawings by Eric Battle perfectly illustrate Banks's over-the-top supernatural characters and scenes. As long as neither the world nor the series is ending, fans couldn't ask for more. (July)