cover image Surviving with AIDS: A Comprehensive Program of Nutritional Co-Therapy

Surviving with AIDS: A Comprehensive Program of Nutritional Co-Therapy

Catherine Whitney, C. Wayne Callaway. Little Brown and Company, $14.95 (192pp) ISBN 978-0-316-12467-6

This is more than a sympathetic look at the nutritional problems faced by people with AIDS (PWAs). Collaborating with writer Whitney, Callaway ( The Callaway Diet ), an endocrinologist, considers nutrition as a means to be used in conjunction with medical treatment. Unfortunately, as he reminds readers, there is as yet no evidence that AIDS can be treated successfully with diet, ``although many alternative nutritional therapists are recommending just that.'' He criticizes diets and nutritional therapies that he views as particularly harmful and that may even escalate the course of wasting disease: macrobiotic diets, megadoses of vitamins and minerals, yeast-free diets and other programs touting immune power or maximum immunity. The author contends that a well-balanced diet can make it possible for many PWAs to maintain their physical strength to better fight infections and reduce the debilitating aspects of such complications as chronic diarrhea. He also addresses other nutritional problems encountered by PWAs--poor appetite, inadequate nutrient digestion and absorption, and abnormal metabolism. He provides helpful advice on eating when the PWA has mouth and esophagus problems or nausea from drugs or chemotherapeutics, and also discusses tube feeding for the gravely ill. One chapter is devoted to recipes for easy-to-prepare foods. (Aug.)