cover image What Would You Do If You Lived at the Zoo?: A Peekaboo Book

What Would You Do If You Lived at the Zoo?: A Peekaboo Book

Nancy White Carlstrom. Little Brown and Company, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-316-12867-4

In this imaginative offering, two veteran picture book creators put a fanciful spin on the question-and-answer format. Through a small die-cut shape on alternate right-hand pages (under which the eponymous query is repeated), the reader can glimpse a particular zoo denizen; the following spread depicts animals frolicking against bold swaths of intense color. Throughout, Boyd's palette is noteworthy, as unusual hues and color combinations create an exotic atmosphere. While the various inquiries demonstrate Carlstrom's linguistic playfulness (``Would you romp with the tiger? And chomp with the ape?''), her responses, in particular, are sure to catch kids' fancies. Here she borrows a leaf from Verna Aardema's books, using onomatopoeia (``Pssst Pssst,'' hisses the snake) and tongue-twisting sounds (``Toogooliwa Toogooliwa,'' says a peach-and-aqua striped tiger) to foment a riot of aural enjoyment. Occasional use of boldfaced type and a free-floating arrangement of images enhance a distinctive collaboration. Ages 2-7. (Apr.)