cover image Goodbye Geese

Goodbye Geese

Nancy White Carlstrom. Philomel Books, $14.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-399-21832-3

Inspired by the snows of Alaska, Carlstrom has written a hauntingly beautiful homage to winter. In answer to his child's questions, a father describes the season in lively and wondrous terms, conjuring up an image of winter as a woman. ``Does winter have fingers? Yes, her frosty grip will tire the flowers.'' ``Does winter have feet? Yes, sometimes at night winter dances on top of the roof.'' As the two stand together beneath a star-lit sky, wild geese fly overhead, a symbol of the departing autumn, and the intensity of this magical moment shared between them is tangible. Young's paintings, in predominantly somber tones infused with flashes of color, are striking. Misty landscapes, a shrouded moon, a goose in flight--each spread is complete in itself, as a moment is captured and winter's silent majesty evoked. Some illustrations are difficult to puzzle out, yet they are captivating in their originality and their use of color and texture. Despite the frostiness of the subject, text and art create a warmhearted book to be lovingly shared by parents and children. Ages 4-up. (Nov.)