cover image The Red Woolen Blanket

The Red Woolen Blanket

Bob Graham / Author Little Brown and Company $10.95 (0p) ISBN

Even before she was born, Julia was given a lovely red woolen blanket that she used ""right from the start.'' Indoors and outside, baby Julia found warmth and comfort in her lovely blanket. The red corners were sucked and chewed; the treasured blanket was walked over, oiled and unraveledbut Julia took it with her wherever she went. Then, during Julia's first day at school, ``She lost the last threads of her blanket . . . but now that she was growing up she hardly missed it.'' Graham is completely at home with the daily details of a child's first few years. His colorful paintings show a humorous, tender regard for a preschooler's inexplicable attachment to a particular object, making this small book especially suitable for sharing. Ages 4-8. (April)