cover image Benny: An Adventure Story

Benny: An Adventure Story

Bob Graham / Author, Bob Graham / Illustrator Candlewick Press

Bravo for Benny, the multitalented pooch who gives new meaning to the term ""show dog."" As assistant to Brillo the Magician, Benny gets his chance to shine on stage, tap-dancing and performing cowboy rope tricks and other feats. But before long the perky pup is stealing the spotlight from his boss and loses his gig. Benny hops a train and treks cross-country trying to find a new home, but he just doesn't fit in anywhere. One can almost hear the strains of ""Gotta Dance"" when Benny realizes he's compelled to share his gifts with others no matter what. Luckily for Benny, a musical family who can appreciate him happens along-and they have an opening (their meeting warrants a full spread complete with heart frame). As he did in Queenie, Graham once again delivers a dog's-eye-view tale that pulls the heartstrings and elicits giggles. Readers will immediately bond with the shaggy, diminutive star sporting a polka-dot bandanna and top hat. Chipper watercolor-and-ink scenes of Benny hoofing on the boards and escaping from the ""Houdini Deathtrap"" while playing the harmonica are belly-laugh worthy. Ages 4-7. (July)