cover image The Fall of Waterstone

The Fall of Waterstone

Lilith Saintcrow. Orbit, $19.99 trade paper (416p) ISBN 978-0-316-44053-0

The Enemy continues to pursue Solveig and her companions in Saintcrow’s well-constructed second Black Land’s Bane fantasy. After the events of A Flame in the North, Solveig has found a measure of safety in the Elder city of Waterstone, home of the ancient weapon that Elder Aeredh believes only Solveig can wield. She, however, is wary of the toll the weapon will take on her magic. It soon becomes clear that she has other motives for coming to the city—and that Aeredh hasn’t been honest about his intentions in bringing her there. With her faith in her friends and her own powers shaken, Solveig finds Waterstone to be a gilded cage. Meanwhile, though the Enemy cannot reach her within the city’s walls, their dark forces continue to grow within the Black Land. The Norse mythology–inspired worldbuilding remains fascinating, and Saintcrow keeps the pages turning by weaving together danger and magic. This sets things up nicely for the epic conclusion. Agent: Lucienne Diver, Knight Agency. (June)