cover image Episode Thirteen

Episode Thirteen

Craig DiLouie. Redhook, $18.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-316-44310-4

A classic horror plot—a team of ghostbusters investigates a house rumored to be haunted and finds more than they bargained for—is underserved by the tedious narrative style of this paranormal thriller from DiLouie (The Children of Red Peak). In 2016, Matt Kirklin, a paranormal investigator, and his scientist wife, Claire, create Fade to Black, a reality TV show in which they investigate purported haunted hot spots. For their season finale, the Kirklins and their crew travel to Denton, Va., to explore the Foundation House, where a team of psychic investigators mysteriously disappeared in 1972. At first the place seems a complete dud—until suddenly it isn’t, and the crew are terrorized by horrifying manifestations that prey on their individual insecurities. Unfortunately, DiLouie tells the story primarily through “found-footage” transcripts of the program, an effect which doesn’t quite translate from screen to page and saps the drama from even the most well-executed twists. Readers will be underwhelmed. Agent: David Fugate, Launchbooks Literary. (Jan.)