cover image Baby on the Way

Baby on the Way

William Sears / Author, Renee W. Andriani / Illustrator, Martha Sears /

Big brothers and sisters seeking reassurance will appreciate Baby on the Way by noted adult authors Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears (The Baby Book; The Pregnancy Book) as well as Christie Watts Kelly, illus. by Ren e Andriani. Physical and emotional realities of pregnancy are likened to things a child can understand. Morning sickness, the authors explain, is similar to ""the way your tummy feels yucky when you eat three slices of birthday cake and ice cream."" Sidebars throughout suggest things siblings can do to prepare for baby's arrival, such as visiting the doctor with their mother, or asking her ""what it felt like when you were growing inside her."" An endnote offers tips to parents and suggests additional resources. What Baby Needs, from the same team, helps siblings adjust to having the new baby in the house. (Sept.)