cover image DR. SEARS' LEAN KIDS: A Total Health Program for Children Ages 6–12

DR. SEARS' LEAN KIDS: A Total Health Program for Children Ages 6–12

Peter Sears, Author, Sean Foy, Author, William Sears, Author .

Pediatrician guru William Sears turns away from his characteristically warm and fuzzy tone, teaming with co-authors Sears (his son Peter, also a doctor) and Foy to issue a dire warning about childhood obesity. According to the authors, children get "overfat" from eating the wrong food and not being active enough; kids today spend more time watching TV or staring at screens than they do in physical play. Often, while they're watching they're eating fast food or junk food. Sears attributes later adult diseases such as cancer and diabetes to a sedentary, unhealthful life style, connecting his own bout with colon cancer to the fact that he was a fat child. To combat the "overfat and underfit" problem, the authors guide parents of kids 6 to 12 through a comprehensive plan addressing lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition (The LEAN Kids Program) intended to encourage kids to become "lean" (rather than skinny or thin). This is not a weight-loss program, but rather a guide to help kids avoid weight gain. Included are helpful suggestions to get kids moving, with age-appropriate exercises for kids, such as strength building using stretch bands or tubing rather than weights, which may damage young bones. Rife with practical information on nutrition and health, this is one of Sears's best books yet, presenting a workable plan to keep children lean and strong and to set a healthy foundation for their future. (Sept.)