cover image BT-Welcome Moon Base

BT-Welcome Moon Base

Ben Bova. Ballantine Books, $9.95 (254pp) ISBN 978-0-345-32859-5

With the premise that man returns to the moon in 1999 and establishes a permanent base there by 2020, science fiction author and editor Bova here fashions an intriguing ""manual'' for pioneers arriving at the lunar community. With 50 detailed illustrations by NASA artist Rawlings, the guidebook covers Moonbase history, architecture, ecology, transportation, science projects, jobs, training, industries, tourism, sports (``lunar jai alai''), entertainment, day-to-day life, duties, rights and laws: ``No one is allowed to walk on the surface alone, except in the specially marked `Moonwalk Lanes.' '' Combining fact and fiction in this ``future history,'' Bova presents a compelling and persuasive argument for mankind's continual exploration of the moon and the establishment of a base on the lunar surface. (November)