cover image Yvgenie


C. J. Cherryh. Del Rey Books, $19 (280pp) ISBN 978-0-345-36784-6

Cherryh continues the tale of magic and wizardry gone awry in ancient Russia that began in Rusalka and Chernevog . The protected childhood of young wizard Ilyana, the 15-year-old daughter of adventurer Pyetr Kochevikov and former rusalka (devouring ghost) Eveshka, is brought to an abrupt end when Eveshka discovers that her daughter's erstwhile playmate is none other than the rusalka of Kavi Chernevog, the evil wizard who had loved Eveshka and destroyed her earlier life. When Chernevog takes over the nearly lifeless body of Yvgenie Pavlovitch, a young man fleeing Kiev and his powerful father's wrath, Ilyana loves both--the childhood playmate and the newcomer in her life. After her parents threaten Chernevog/ Yvengie, Ilyana flees with him, pursued by her father and wizard uncle. It soon becomes evident that other, older powers are taking a hand, making the little family a pawn in a game of revenge and magic. Cherryh weaves a complex psychological tale of magic, with wishes that lead to unexpected results and wizards who go into hiding because they fear the consequences of their actions. (Nov.)