cover image Regenesis


C. J. Cherryh, . . DAW, $15 (592pp) ISBN 978-0-7564-0530-4

The long-awaited, intricate sequel to Cherryh’s Hugo-winning Cyteen (1989) brings events full circle. Brilliant 18-year-old scientist Ariane Emory, a clone, resumes the work of her original: psychogenesis, the cloning of psychology and memory. Fellow clone Justin Warrick tutors “second Ariane,” but when Justin’s exiled original, Jordan, returns to Cyteen’s research city of Reseune, he stirs up trouble and questions about who really killed first Ariane and why the clones of the participants in Cyteen’s original power struggle seem to be reprising the roles of their predecessors. Plots and subplots revolve around second Ariane as she desperately attempts to unravel the motivations of players alive and dead. Complex and rich, with beautifully rounded characters, this novel can stand alone, but will delight fans of Cyteen with extra layers of meaning that resonate between old and new. (Jan.)