cover image Betrayal


Aaron Allston. Del Rey, $25.95 (387pp) ISBN 978-0-345-47734-7

Following the New Jedi Order series, Allston blasts off a new multi-author nine-book string of adventures starring beloved Star Wars familiars: the Solos (Han, Leia Organa and their adult Jedi children, Jacen and Jaina) and the Skywalkers (Master Jedi Luke, his wife Mara Jade, and their plucky 13-year-old son Ben, Jacen's apprentice Jedi-in-training). Allston (Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand) follows the Jedi Knights' ethical dilemmas and intricate battle maneuvers as they set out to diffuse a developing conflict between the Galactic Alliance (GA) and Correllia, Han's home planetary system. When Ben infiltrates the Correllian Centerpoint Station, a mega-Death Star with the power to move and destroy planets, he must confront an AI that believes it is Anakin Solo (Jacen and Jaina's late brother). Jacen also faces a grave, shocking choice about his future as a Jedi when he encounters a Sith. Although Han, Leia, Luke and Mara haven't lost their mystique in middle-age, Ben and Jacen steal the show in this new installment that should please Star Wars fans eager for an update.