cover image Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon

Susan Krinard, . . HQN, $6.99 (392pp) ISBN 978-0-373-77258-2

In Roaring ’20s New York, Dorian Black is a vampire enforcer who kills his master and leaves his two primary lieutenants to form their own factions, soon battling to win supremacy in the city. When Dorian saves human reporter Gwen Murphy from drowning and finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, she is busy investigating the mysterious deaths of mobsters, all drained of blood. When she discovers the intricate web of urban vampires, they’re soon on to her, and she’s at risk. Dorian himself gets involved with a vampire organization called Pax, dedicated to peace between vampires, but perhaps not all that it seems. Krinard’s New York and vampire factors could use more color, but Gwen is the classic intrepid girl reporter, the plot intrigues are well drawn, and the commentary on religious fanaticism is engaging. (Mar.)