cover image The Bippolo Seed and 
Other Lost Stories

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories

Dr. Seuss. Random, $15 (72p) ISBN 978-0-375-86435-3

This volume collects seven joyous Seuss stories that were published in Redbook in 1950 and 1951 but had never appeared in book form. In an insightful introduction, Seussian scholar Charles D. Cohen notes that Seuss wrote these tales at a transitional point in his career, when he grasped the importance of using the sounds of words to hook children on reading. The stories’ rhymed couplets are pitch-perfect, the verse’s rhythm as snappy as in any of Seuss’s better-known works. In the title story, a duck and a cat’s greed spins out of control as they imagine everything that they’ll wish for from a magical seed. In “Steak for Supper,” an outlandish menagerie follows a boy home to dine: “A Nupper for supper! A Gritch! And a Grickle!/ And also an Ikka! Oh, boy! What a pickle!” These creatures and others are portrayed with Seuss’s trademark exaggeration and whimsy. The limitations of the source material are occasionally apparent—the longer stories overcrowd certain pages with text, the artwork sometimes feeling stretched to fit the format. Regardless, fans old and young will deem these “lost” stories a tremendous find. Ages 6–9. (Sept.)