cover image Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum

Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum

Dr. Seuss, illus. by Andrew Joyner. Random House, $18.99 (80p) ISBN 978-0-399-55912-9

Constructed from a manuscript and sketches found by the author’s widow, this lively excursion into the world of art explores the artist’s vision by focusing on works that take the horse as their subject. An affable talking horse leads a diverse crowd of children and adults through the galleries. “What an artist tells us about horses and how they tell us is different for every artist,” it says. The fictional museum contains photographic reproductions of horse artwork from many ages and world traditions, among them works by Hokusai, Navajo rug weavers, Pollack, and Velázquez. Some artists are interested in horses’ form, others in their outlines, and others in their speed or strength. Australian artist Joyner (The Pink Hat) salutes Seuss’s style without attempting to duplicate it (although beloved Seuss characters sometimes sneak onstage). The book holds value both as a way to begin conversations about art (“Look it over. Think it over. Talk it over.”), and for its vision of artists as people—even untrained creators, like Seuss—who see things in their own unique ways. Detailed information about each artist and work of art is included. Ages 7–up. (Sept.)