cover image Game of Survival

Game of Survival

Dian Curtis Regan. Avon Books, $2.75 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-380-75585-1

Readers who love adventure will find themselves absorbed in this highly dramatic tale set in the Rocky Mountains. When Nicky sets off on a high school camping trip, he envisions a romantic weekend with Shana Adams; plans backfire when he is assigned another partner for a scavenger hunt, ``Mountain Girl'' Marta. Their three-day battle to stay alive begins when Nicky and Marta follow a remote path and become lost in a snowstorm. Marta, a seasoned camper, emerges as a heroine as she uses her skill and knowledge to fight hypothermia, dehydration and a series of unexpected disasters (including a run-in with a bear). The situation becomes more serious when they find Scruggs, another camper, lying unconscious in the snow. There are not enough supplies to accommodate three people, and even Marta comes close to admitting defeat. Regan ( I've Got Your Number ) does an excellent job conveying both the beauty and power of nature. Besides offering suspense, she provides insight into human behavior by exploring how attitudes, emotions and relationships are affected by isolation and danger. Ages 12-up. (June)