cover image Daddies


Dian Curtis Regan. Scholastic, $5.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-590-47973-8

Like Lots of Moms (reviewed above), these two sweet, small-format volumes highlight ordinary parent-child interactions as a means of celebrating the parent-child bond. Regan (Princess Nevermore) approaches her subjects via verses, in which a child describes an ideal day with Mommy or Daddy. Mommies begins: ""Wake up, Mommy, it's time to play./ Saturday's my favorite day""; Morgan (Hugs; Kisses) shows Mommy, eyes closed, smiling as her daughter kisses her cheek. As pictures display a changing, multiracial cast of characters, mothers play hide-and-seek, push swings, make dinner, hug goodnight. In Daddies, a father takes Junior shopping while others give piggyback rides, fix lunch and read bedtime stories. The illustrations, soft and clean as a baby's layette, reinforce the tender tones. With each parent the focus of a separate volume, a positive message about single parenthood might also be interpreted along the way. Ages 2-5. (Apr.)