cover image One True Love

One True Love

Barbara Freethy. Avon Books, $5.99 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-380-79480-5

The nice little life that account executive Lisa Alvarez has spent the last eight years constructing is about to fall apart. She's due to marry her boss in barely a month when painful reminders of her dead baby daughter and her ex-husband Nick Maddux force themselves on her. Both Lisa and Nick have tried to make new lives for themselves since the baby's death, although Nick has embraced his daughter's short life by becoming a master craftsman of cradles while Lisa has simply shut the door on her past. Their reunion is fiery, passionate and difficult to read, in part because Lisa is not a congenial character, having turned herself into a career-driven robot. The story veers between Lisa and Nick's rediscovery of their love and the burgeoning love of Nick's sister, Maggie, and sexy screen writer Jeremy Hunt. Maggie and Jeremy are both attractive and deserved more length and breadth than author Freethy (Daniel's Gift) gave them. A magical leitmotif throughout does, however, go some way towards transcending these weaknesses. (Aug.)