cover image Brave Little/To Mars

Brave Little/To Mars

Thomas M. Disch / Author, Marika Chouinard / Author, Karen Schmidt / Pho

Readers may have believed that all that could be said about a band of loyal appliances was stated with electrifying eloquence in The Brave Little Toaster. But there is new territory to cover with old friendslike the AM radioand new: a ceiling fan, an electric blanket and a microwave among them, as well as a hearing aid handmade by Albert Einstein. They all head to Mars after learning that there resides a force of warring appliances with plans to invade Earth. The toaster simply and persuasively speaks of peace to the planet's inhabitants and is elected president (a reign which lasts only until he returns to Earth). What is Disch talking about? Perhaps it doesn't matter, for while he seems to be amusing himself, much of what he writes will entertain readers, too. The epic elements will more than appease those awaiting this sequel, but the most exuberantly funny scenes are those in which the appliances while away the time with their distinctive brand of gossip. Ages 10-up. (June)