cover image Bloodfever


Karen Marie Moning, . . Delacorte, $22 (303pp) ISBN 978-0-385-33916-2

Monig's latest feverish Fae dispatch (after Darkfever ) finds that in Dublin “the walls are coming down between Man and Faery.” That means that the Buffy-like services of MacKayla Lane—the 22-year-old Georgia-born sidhe -seer (or one who can see the Fae) and slayer—are required. Mac is determined to kick the nasties back to faeryland and to avenge her sister Alina's murder by the Fae's dark Lord Master. She's also seeking the sinister Sinsar Dubh , a book of black magic. Jericho Barrons, Mac's enigmatic protector, is a purveyor of books and antiquities (and of course, is a major hunk). As Mac takes direction from Jericho, she must resist the sexy dangers of V'lane, a death-by-sex Fae, and learn about her true family of Irish sidhe -seers. Moning's delectable Mac is breathlessly appealing, and the wild perils she must endure are peppered with endless conundrums. The results are addictively dark, erotic and even shocking. (Oct.)