Karen Marie Moning, . . Dell, $6.99 (400pp) ISBN 978-0-440-23755-6

Darker, sexier and more serious than Moning's previous time-travel romances, this tall tale is every bit as entertaining. A Highlander from the 16th-century versed in both ancient Druid magic and the many ways in which to love a woman, Daegus MacKeltar is an enchanting hero as well as his own worst enemy. At the end of Moning's previous book, To Kiss a Highlander, Daegus used his Druid powers to travel back in time and save his twin brother, Drustan, who would have otherwise perished in a fire, but in doing so, he released the spirits of 13 evil Druids, who now reside inside him. In his search for age-old texts that may hold the key to re-imprisoning the spirits, Daegus meets ever-curious Chloe Zanders, a Manhattan antiquities lover. When she accidentally stumbles upon his collection of "borrowed" texts, Daegus holds her captive, which leads to a number of hilarious exchanges and heady encounters. The tension, sexual and otherwise, hits a boiling point when the two travel to Scotland to face Daegus's demons. Chloe's cheery disposition is a perfect foil for Daegus's brooding sensuality, and their clever banter leavens the weighty plot line. This wild, imaginative romp takes readers on an exhilarating ride through time and space. (Oct. 8)

Forecast:A nationally distributed excerpt booklet—containing writing tips and an "interview" between Daegus and sex therapist Tracey Cox—should generate a healthy buzz which, combined with positive pre-pub reviews, will help boost this book onto the charts.