cover image Moyers on Democracy

Moyers on Democracy

Bill Moyers. Doubleday Books, $26.95 (404pp) ISBN 978-0-385-52380-6

Veteran journalist and author Moyers (Moyers on America, The Power of Myth) staunchly attacks conservative government as one of ""millions of Americans who are restless to get on with their revolution."" In this volume-a collection of speeches, addresses, talks and lectures from as far back as the '80s-Moyers argues that participatory citizenship breathes life into American democracy, and whatever undermines active citizenship threatens to destroy the system. Moyers reminds readers that the U.S. stands ""on the shoulders of brave ghosts,"" and challenges them to treat, with courage, the country's socio-political ills. The author provides illustrative portraits of dear friends like Fred Friendly and Hubert Humphrey, positioning himself among passionate journalists and left-leaning politicians. Some may recoil from his lobbyist outrage (they ""hide... behind the flag while ripping off a country in crisis""), but his long-lived devotion to the American ideal of self-governance, on the whole, guides him well. His insight, sweeping political and historical expertise, and unflinching defense of his ideals should captivate both scholars and concerned citizens, though it's more likely to appeal to those already on Moyers's wavelength.