cover image Then I'll Be Home Free

Then I'll Be Home Free

Phyllis Anderson Wood. Dodd Mead, $0 (238pp) ISBN 978-0-396-08766-3

In spite of the tragedy of her parents' death when she was an infant, Rosemary has been generally fortunate. She's been raised by loving, imaginative grandparents, and her neighbor and friend Kevin is sensitive, gentle and wise. Rosemary has known him all her life, but in her junior year, she begins to see him differently. When Rosemary's grandmother dies suddenly, Kevin stays close to her, and he is the only outsider at the funeral. Now, as Rosemary finds herself having to care for her suicidal grandfather, she wonders if she dares to respond to Kevin's tender overtures. Does loving always mean losing? Rosemary learns that it doesn't. The contrast of the everyday world with the despondent world of mourning is portrayed well, as is the trendy hug-a-pet program that brings comfort to her grandfather. (11-up)