cover image The Revolving Door Stops Here

The Revolving Door Stops Here

Phyllis Anderson Wood. Dutton Books, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-525-65022-5

This book appears to have it all: good concept, catchy title, arresting cover art, snappy flap copy. Unfortunately, the contents don't live up to the package. Although Wood's ( Then I'll Be Home Free ) intentions are admirable, this story of a teenage boy shunted from one foster home to another is just plain dull. The featureless writing style is better suited to a mass market teen romance novel, as are the stereotypically ``nice'' and ``mean'' characters. The plot is predictable, the dialogue banal and the dramatic tension practically nonexistent. Compared with the similarly themed No Place for Me by Barthe DeClements, this work comes up very short. Ages 11-up. (Mar.)