cover image Eddie Blue Wing Drago

Eddie Blue Wing Drago

C. S. Adler. Putnam Publishing Group, $14.95 (144pp) ISBN 978-0-399-21535-3

This impressive novel interweaves the themes of physical disability and friendship. Eddie, 11, attends a regular school but struggles to communicate clearly because of his cerebral palsy. His little sister Mina and his friend Gary understand him best, but Eddie is frustrated when his teachers and classmates have difficulty. Darrin, the school bully, particularly angers him. When Eddie acquires a tiny brass dragon with glass wings, his life begins to change. When it seems as if Eddie is getting revenge on those who have wronged him, he knows that the dragon is somehow responsible. Adler creates a subtle blend of reality and fantasy enhanced by crisp detail. In-depth characterizations and fully realized relationships combine with vivid descriptions and prose; readers will find themselves immersed in Eddie's world. Ages 10-13. (Oct.)