cover image Tunafish Thanksgiving CL

Tunafish Thanksgiving CL

James Cross Giblin, C. S. Adler. Clarion Books, $13.95 (165pp) ISBN 978-0-395-58829-1

Although 11-year-old Avery and eight-year-old Bliss take the news of their parents divorce rather coolly, older sister Gilda is frantic that her family will become ``chopped up.'' After the house is sold, Gilda tries to arrange things so that she and her siblings can stay together, but Avery wants to move to his mother's new apartment, Bliss is lured to New York by her wealthy grandmother and Gilda ends up moving into her father's fiancee's house. As Thanksgiving approaches, Gilda focuses her energy on a family get-together and traditional feast. Even though her plans backfire, she does have a memorable holiday and finds herself accepting the changes in her life. With wit and understanding Adler ( Goodbye, Pink Pig ; The Lump in the Middle ) explores the effects of divorce on one family through distinctly and convincingly drawn characters. Although Gilda's parents' apparent insensitivity is frustrating at times, their love for their children is deftly portrayed during several poignant moments. Gilda emerges as a mature, caring teen whose concerns are sure to touch readers' hearts. Ages 10-14. (Mar.)