cover image Silly Goose’s Big Story

Silly Goose’s Big Story

Keiko Kasza. Putnam, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-399-25542-7

As she did in Ready for Anything! (2009), Kasza uses spirited animal characters to address a familiar childhood conundrum. Hogging center stage is Goose, an excellent storyteller who makes up entertaining stories that he and his friends act out. But Goose always snags the leading role, from the fiercest pirate captain to the scariest T. Rex. After Goose tells the tale of a “mighty king” (“And who got to play the king, the mightiest of all? Why, Goose, of course”), Beaver, Porcupine, and Squirrel finally pipe up, asking why they can’t take turns being the star. “They are my stories, so I’m the hero,” Goose replies bossily. Enter an uninvited player: ravenous Wolf, who grabs Goose, shouting, “Hello, lunch!” While Goose attempts to use his skill as raconteur to scare off Wolf, Goose’s clever friends get the job done, landing in the spotlight at last. The story’s energy originates from both the comedic dialogue and expressive gouache pictures of the personable cast. Goose accepts his comeuppance amiably, declaring his pals the real heroes. Ages 3–5. (Mar.)