cover image El Chupacabras

El Chupacabras

Adam Rubin, illus. by Crash McCreery.. Dial, $16.99 (48p) ISBN 978-0-399-53929-9

Rubin (Dragons Love Tacos) and McCreery team up to tell the bilingual, comical "true" story of the dreaded el chupacabras. Finding one of their fat and happy goats flat as a pancake and an apparent victim of "the goat sucker," Hector and his daughter Carla enlist the help of a roadside flower lady offering a magic dust: "It will protect your hermosas cabras. Try it." Overzealous Hector sprinkles too much magic dust and transforms his goats into giants that threaten to destroy the whole town. Quick-thinking Carla, however, knows just who can help. Enter El Chupacabras: the creature of legend who isn't quite so monstrous and is, in truth, a tiny gentleman willing to save the day. Rubin's tale of rampaging goats and genteel monsters who favor chocolate with churros is skillfully told in alternating English and Spanish: "La leyenda dec%C3%ADa que el chupacabras was a terrifying beast./ The legend said that the goat sucker era una bestia aterradora." McCreery's vibrantly detailed illustrations, from sneezing goats to a bicycle-riding el chupacabras, inject wonderfully outrageous physical humor into Rubin's rip-roaring retelling. Ages 4%E2%80%938. (Mar.)