cover image Always You

Always You

Jill Gregory. Dell Publishing Company, $5.99 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-440-22183-8

Set in 19th-century Wyoming, Gregory's implausible tale concerns Melora Deane, kidnapped by a man going under the name of her betrothed. Former friend Rafe Campbell framed Wyatt Holden (""Cal"") and then stole both his ranch and his name. Now he's after Melora's adjoining spread, the Weeping Willow Ranch. As is to be expected, the real Cal is out to reclaim his ranch and restore his family's honor. There are some good lines (""her thoughts whirling like the grounds in the bottom of the coffee pot"") and some bad ones (""As the sun shot up over the mountains, Cal helped her into the saddle, mounted behind her, and off they rode""). Formula romance aficionados may enjoy Gregory's latest (after When the Heart Beckons). Others will find the plot and characters as dry and stale as year-old crumb cake. (Apr.)