cover image Moonlit Obsession -Op/85

Moonlit Obsession -Op/85

Jill Gregory. Jove Books, $6.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-515-08585-3

It is 1806, and Anemone Carstairs, disguised as a lady's maid, is spying on Napoleon for the British government. Trained by her father, the redoubtable spy Thomas Carstairs, Anemone is resourceful, cool-headed, and detacheduntil she meets Stephen Burke, an American who seeks the same information she does. When Anemone discovers that information, he kidnaps and tries to seduce her, challenging her to a treacherous game of piquet, with a kiss as the stakes. When Anemone loses and Stephen claims the prize, he realizes, however, that he never wants to let her go. Anemone resists, and before the happy ending arrives the characters must grapple with a Napoleonic plot, several betrayals and double agents, and the reappearance of Thomas Carstairs, long believed dead. (May)