cover image Fate’s Edge

Fate’s Edge

Ilona Andrews. Ace, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-441-02086-7

Andrews’s delightful third Edge novel (after 2010’s Bayou Moon) returns to the no-man’s-land separating the twin planes of the Broken (our mundane world) and the Weird (an alternate, splintered America filled with feuding nations and magic). Against her better judgment, reformed grifter Audrey Callahan undertakes one last job, helping her family steal a valuable magical item. The theft’s aftermath threatens to spark conflict between several Weird countries. Kaldar Mar, jack-of-all-trades and agent for Adrianglia’s enigmatic Mirror organization, is the first to find Audrey, promptly enlisting her services in order to recover the artifact. With the vicious rival society known as the Hand closing in, the two must use every skill at their disposal: running cons, stealing, donning disguises, and fighting for their lives. The clash of personalities and quick wits fuels serious chemistry, resulting in an appealing blend of madcap caper, spy thriller, and romantic comedy. Agent: Nancy Yost. (Dec.)