cover image UNDER A LUCKY STAR


Diane Farr, Author . Signet $6.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-451-21170-

Bolstered by vivid historical details and rich characterizations, this simple yet magical Regency from Farr (Under the Wishing Star ) is best suited for those who prefer their romances sweet rather than spicy. Known in polite society as Frost Fair, Lady Cynthia Fitzwilliam is said to be as cold as she is lovely, but Derek Whittaker, the second son of an aristocratic family, knows differently. He and Cynthia met one night in the corridors of an opera house, where they shared a passionate embrace. When they meet again three years later, it's obvious that their attraction is still strong, but it may not be enough to overcome their biggest obstacle—Cynthia's managing mother. As Derek soon learns, Cynthia's mother intends to marry her daughter off to someone extremely wealthy. Unfortunately, Derek doesn't fit that description. Farr's sure-footed prose falters when she tiptoes into the erotic realm (Derek to Cynthia: "I will try not to rush you. I will try to rein myself in for your sweet sake"), but these scenes are fortunately few and far between. Although tamer, more traditional romances like this one haven't enjoyed the popularity of their more sensual sisters in recent years, this book will remind readers why sweet is sometimes better. (Apr.)