cover image A Deafening Silence in Heaven

A Deafening Silence in Heaven

Thomas E. Sniegoski. Roc, $15 trade paper (448p) ISBN 978-0-451-47002-7

Sniegoski’s seventh hard-boiled fantasy starring PI Remy Chandler—formerly known as the archangel Remiel—picks up immediately after the events of Walking in the Midst of Fire, with Remy nearly dead from an attempted supernatural assassination. God and Lucifer are finally beginning to talk about Unification, in which the fallen angels would be forgiven and welcomed back to heaven. As Remy’s soul drifts, he encounters what appears to be an aspect of God, who sends him to another world where Unification failed, so he can better understand what went wrong. Meanwhile, Remy’s friends—including his lover, Linda; his cop buddy, Steven; and fallen angel Francis—are working to keep his body alive, battling both his current injuries and the supernatural assassins known as the Bone Masters who are committed to carrying out their contract on him. While Sniegoski does a solid job of bringing readers up to speed, this story is clearly aimed at longtime fans, and it hits home, resolving some long-standing arcs and dropping some bombshells. Fans of Remy will feel satisfied, though emotionally spent. Agent: Kate Schafer Testerman, KT Literary. (Oct.)