cover image Sleeper Code

Sleeper Code

Thomas E. Sniegoski. Razorbill, $7.99 (278pp) ISBN 978-1-59514-052-4

The hero of this first book in the Sleeper Conspiracy series, Tom Lovett, has led a lonely, sheltered life. His father's job as a troubleshooter for high-technology firms means that they move frequently, and he is home-schooled because of his condition. Tom has narcolepsy, which causes him to unexpectedly fall asleep and to have violent hallucinations. During these ""attacks,"" which can last for days at a time, a second personality takes over-that of a trained assassin-causing him to do murderous things on orders from a rogue leader of the Janus Project (whose mission was to ""artificially create a form of multiple personality disorder where two distinct personas would exist in one body""). The tale takes a while to gather steam, and some readers may find the premise a stretch. Others will quickly turn the pages once Tom learns of his two personas and becomes determined to set things right-but not before coming face to face with himself (literally) and learning some hard truths. Part two, Sleeper Agenda (ISBN 1-59514-053-0), is releasing simultaneously. Ages 12-up.