cover image What Are You Wearing Today?

What Are You Wearing Today?

Janik Coat. Thames & Hudson, $14.95 (16p) ISBN 978-0-500-65143-8

Animal characters change their outfits in this neatly designed addition to the Flip Flap Pop-Up series, featuring paper engineering by Bernard Duisit. Coat’s text consists of a series of questions (“What are you wearing today, Rita Rhino?”) that are answered with more questions. “Well, that depends. Is it windy?” is Rita’s reply, and pulling a tab makes her skirt flip up à la Marilyn Monroe. Bertie Bear’s outfit shifts with his mood (a black suit when he’s grumpy, one covered with hearts and stars when he’s not), and a bundled-up Danny Donkey steps into a snowscape in the closing pop-up scene. It’s an entertaining and sharply illustrated game of dress-up. Available simultaneously: How Do You Sleep? Ages 3–up. (Jan.)