cover image LlamaPhones


Janik Coat. Appleseed, $15.99 (12p) ISBN 978-1-4197-2827-3

Coat follows up Rhymoceros and Hippopposites with another chunky board book focused on wordplay. This time, the subject is homophones, and Coat casts a blocky green llama in simple scenes to visually express the meanings behind each word presented. Homophone pairs appear opposite one another in each spread. For rose, the llama holds a pink flower in its mouth. In the facing image, the llama is patterned with tactile “rows” of stripes. For fairy and ferry, the llama first wears glittery fairy wings; in the second scene, the llama stands on the bow of passenger ferry boat. For the homophones peak and peek, the llama stands atop a jagged mountaintop; in the other image, the llama is blanketed with a flap, which readers can lift to “peek” at a baby llama underneath. The impact of grasping the meaning behind each picture acts as a veritable tickle to the brain, while the board book’s sizable format lends it gratifying heft. Ages 2–4. (Mar.)