cover image Happy Are the Poor in Spirit

Happy Are the Poor in Spirit

Andrew M. Greeley. Jove Books, $6.99 (295pp) ISBN 978-0-515-11502-4

Bishop Blackie Ryan is never deterred by a mystery, especially when members of his Chicago parish are affected. The popular hero of Happy Are the Meek, Ryan must try to save a troubled family and prevent murder in this engrossing outing. When young Candi Cain comes to him for help, Blackie Ryan had no idea he'd not only have to deal with her large and divisive family but with a ghost as well. This ghost is believed to be Mary Anne Haggerty, who had disappeared almost 50 years earlier after attending the prom with Bart Cain, Candi's father. Three attempts are made on Bart's life, each followed by a call from a mysterious woman. Candi and her new stepmother, Julia, believe the ghost is to blame, but the police and Ryan are not so sure. Bart Cain is multimillionaire with a new, young wife-a situation that unsettles the heirs. It's up to Blackie Ryan to investigate who has the most at stake as he faces two mysteries in one. In a crowd of sleuthing Catholic clerics, Ryan is still a most unlikely and unforgettable hero and his creator is a droll scribe. (Dec.)