cover image The Senator and the Priest

The Senator and the Priest

Andrew M. Greeley, . . Forge, $24.95 (336pp) ISBN 978-0-765-31591-5

Prolific author and priest Greeley (Irish Crystal ) stumbles with this story of a liberal Catholic senator from Illinois who bursts onto the national political stage. Thomas Patrick Moran first attracts attention when he announces his candidacy for a state assembly seat, vowing never to run anything negative about his opponent or ask anyone for a contribution. After his crusade catches fire, the local Democratic machine enlists him to run for the Senate. That successful campaign is marked by numerous attempts on his life that are foiled, in a silly and unnecessary subplot, by his youngest daughter's psychic premonitions of danger. While Moran debates some serious political and moral issues with his conservative priest brother, Tony, Greeley's hagiographic portrait of Moran, complete with details of his sex life with his stunning wife, leaves no doubt where the author's sympathies lie. Even longtime fans may be disappointed. (Nov.)