cover image Christmas Always--

Christmas Always--

Peter Catalanotto. Orchard Books (NY), $14.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-531-05946-3

Like all children, Katie complains when bedtime signals her early departure from the festivities on Christmas Eve. Tucked in but restless, Katie wiggles loose a tooth that eventually falls onto the floor. Trying to retrieve her treasure, Katie discovers the Sandman under her bed. Still amazed by this encounter, Katie watches Jack Frost blow into the room, followed a few moments later by the Tooth Fairy, who appears dancing on ``a shimmer of light.'' Katie's bedroom visitors cause plenty of ruckus as they must perform their respective duties and make way for Santa, the man of the evening. Catalanotto's ( Dylan's Day Out ) velvety paintings sparkle, depicting twinkling holiday lights and the magical glitter of nocturnal guests. Katie's face is particularly expressive as it glows with anticipation and excitement. Offering a pleasant mix of family warmth and the enchanting dreams of childhood, this tale can be enjoyed in any season. Ages 3-6. (Aug.)